Mon 25 Jul 2016

AAPA National Workshop Series – Hobart 5th August 2016 – CCF Members at AAPA Members Price

AAPA National Workshop Series 2016

 “Are you ready to build the NEW SAFE ROAD?”


The AAPA National Workshop Series (NWS) returns in 2016 with the most exciting topic that we have ever presented “Are you ready to build the NEW SAFE ROAD?”. National Speakers will be exploring the topic looking at global community trends and their expectations of our road infrastructure, who will be the NEW workforce that builds our roads and what will the NEW workplace look like with realities of big data, drones and intelligent machines. What step change can we achieve to deliver a SAFE road work site and an even safer ROAD system.

Case studies will be presented from successful businesses who have conquered the innovation cycle to deliver a new product or process. We will also be presenting key findings from the recent AAPA International Knowledge Tour to Europe. Join us to hear about the latest technologies, practices & learnings driving value for our European counterparts. What do Smart and Intelligent roads look like in Europe!

Built on the back of the resounding success of the 2014 and 2015 workshop series, which attracted participants in record numbers from all corners of Australia, we expect the whole of industry to turnout at this year’s workshop. Our audience will include contractors, consultants, engineers, Government representatives, equipment manufacturers and suppliers.


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