Mon 16 Dec 2019

Aldridge LEDs light up the iconic Tasman Bridge

The Tasman Bridge is now lit by energy-saving LED lights.

By Jason Macdonald – DeNeefe Signs/Traffic Technologies

This year saw a significant change to the Tasman Bridge, with its new LED lighting which represents a vast contrast with the old yellow sodium lamps. Now the Tasman Bridge is lit by a pleasing, neutral white light, giving increased visibility, colour perception and contrast for road users, making the bridge and approach a much safer driving experience. The contract was awarded by TasNetworks to the Australian Company, Aldridge Traffic Systems, a subsidiary of Traffic Technologies, who are at the forefront of LED road Lighting technology around APAC region and the world.

Aldridge also announced that it has been awarded contracts to supply LED street lights to six councils in Tasmania. This new contract has already started to light up Kingborough and will shortly include Brighton, Central Coast, Clarence, Sorell and Tasman Councils with its enhanced energy-saving capable LED lights. This new contract will enable road authorities, councils and power companies to fully utilize and maintain critical assets in real time, as the lights come fully compatible with the company’s proprietary “TST Traffic SmartCity Technology” platform.

In the Australian streetlight market, there are around 2.3 million streetlights of which approximately 18% have to date been switched to LED technology. It’s a growing area in the market and, according to the Government’s energy rating body, IPWEA, street lighting is the single largest source of carbon emissions from local government. They typically account for 30-60% of the Government’s total emissions.

When compared to halogen and fluorescent lighting solutions, LED lights use less power per wattage output – translating to less energy consumption and thereby reducing harmful CO2 emissions. It’s exciting to see Traffic Technologies take yet another step forward towards supplying an environmentally friendly and energy-saving service to the world

Managing Director of Aldridge Traffic Systems, Con Liosatos, said:

“We are pleased to announce the award of these contracts which follow on from the securing of a contract with TasNetworks last year to supply LED street lights over a three-year period. The Company has developed a strong presence in Tasmania with the changeover to “Smart City” LED street lights well on its way including the recent changeover of the “Tasman Bridge” the gateway to Hobart to LEDs”

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