Tue 13 Oct 2015

Amendments to the Building Code 2013 – drugs and alcohol management in the workplace

This Friday 16 October 2015, the new fitness for work amendments to the Building Code 2013 commence for all building contractors covered by the Building Code.

All building contractors covered by the Building Code will need to ensure that their workplace health, safety and rehabilitation system reflects how they will manage drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Nationally, head contractors on about 150 Commonwealth-funded construction projects will also be required to have in place a drug and alcohol testing policy for those on site, including employees of the principal contractor, subcontractors and their employees and others undertaking building work.

FWBC is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Building Code and will have a three stage approach to auditing the drug and alcohol testing requirements.

Initially, FWBC will focus on assisting industry through education, providing information and helping contractors to understand the implications of the policy.

In the second stage, FWBC will conduct audits with a view to providing feedback on their compliance with the requirements and assisting them with voluntary rectification to achieve compliance.

In the third stage, FWBC will conduct audits and if, compliance and rectification are not achieved, undertake the usual processes to give consideration to taking further action under the Code.

FWBC will not commence the third stage until after 1 February 2016. This will give contractors adequate time to put in place Code compliant arrangements.

For more information, visit FWBC’s website at www.fwbc.gov.au/building-code or call FWBC’s Hotline on 1800 003 338.