Wed 04 May 2016

A workforce development strategy is being prepared for the Tasmanian engineering profession and stakeholders are invited to participate in a short survey.

Engineers Australia is preparing a workforce development strategy supported by Skills Tasmania.

The information gathered from this project will enable Engineers Australia to drive policy development with government and guide education providers with an understanding of the skills needs of Tasmanian industry.

The strategy will help ensure that Tasmania’s businesses, students, and educators are prepared for changing technology, education needs and fluctuations in demand in engineering activity in Tasmania.  The project will help identify strategies to address the skills needs of the ageing workforce in the context of sustained demand and increasing technological and compliance requirements.

The project will involve significant stakeholder engagement to ensure that industry, educators and other key stakeholders own the actions that arise from the strategy.  This consultation is be pitched at the business manager and senior engineer levels of businesses that use or employ engineering expertise.

The first stage of consultation is an online survey.

Face to face consultation meetings will also be held during April.  If you would like to participate in this, please email