Tue 02 Jun 2020

The Civil Contractors Federation, together with Master Builders Tasmania have launched our bold plan for rebuilding Tasmania.

The joint plan would unlock investments of over a billion dollars and offset the job losses that have already happened in the industry.

Civil Contractors Federation CEO, Rachael Matheson, said that building and construction is facing a $1 billion hit in Tasmania.

“The number of projects that have been cancelled or postponed because of COVID-19 is very concerning.  There are around 500 projects, big and small, across the civil, commercial and residential sectors and right around the State that already aren’t going ahead as planned because of COVID-19,” Ms Matheson said.

“A hit that size to our industry would wipe out many businesses.  That’s why Civil Contractors Federation has worked with its members to bring forward a positive Plan for Rebuilding Tasmania.  It’s achievable, it’s deliverable and most importantly, it will save thousands of jobs and help kick-start our economy.

“What we need is the Government to get behind us and work with us to pull out all the stops.  We will back the Government every step of the way, but first the Government has to get behind our Plan for Rebuilding Tasmania.

“That includes making sure that taxpayer-funded businesses like TasWater and Tas Irrigation play their part as well.

“From our point of view, the most important thing Government can do is deliver on its infrastructure promises.  It’s one thing for the Government to set bold targets and even bolder budgets, it’s another thing to deliver on that.  We simply cannot afford for the Government to miss the mark this time and that’s why we are calling on Government to implement our Plan for Rebuilding Tasmania.”

Click HERE to read the full plan.