Fri 08 May 2020

CCF encourages use of COVIDSafe app

Last week the Government launched the COVIDSafe app, which gives health officials the ability to trace the contacts of those who have tested positive to COVID-19.

We encourage our members to download the app, as this is an important step in ending lockdown in a gradual, cautious, and controlled manner.

Downloading the app is entirely voluntary, but it is important for health authorities to be able to track and control localised virus outbreaks in order to begin lifting restrictions and eventually see the economy reopen.

The app is governed by the Biosecurity Act, and the Government has decided to include in the Act strict procedures and safeguards around the data gathered by the app.

We would like to thank our members for incorporating COVID-19 health and safety guidelines into your daily routine and encouraging safe practices in your workplaces.

All of your hard work is helping keep the building and construction industry in operation. Click HERE to download the COVIDSafe app.