Mon 28 May 2018

CCF is representing Members on Industrial Relations at the Federal Level

As the voice of the civil contracting industry, CCF is intent on creating a strong advocacy presence on industrial relations matters. With the creation of the super-union “CFMMEU” this will be all the more important.

CCF recently represented its members at a Fair Work Commission hearing to consider an application by the Traffic Management Association of Australia to vary the Building and Construction General On-site Award 2010 – the TMAA is  seeking a change to the Civil Sector Shift Allowances. This application was heard before the Fair Work Commission on 9 May 2018, and its current form, it has the potential to place a severe cost burden on some CCF Members.

CCF were present at the Commission hearing on 9 May, along with other industry stakeholders, for a conference concerning this matter. We aired our strong concerns. The Commission has now requested that greater detail be provided before the Application can progress and steps to ensure that happens are now in place.

CCF will have a central involvement in this matter as it goes forward and will liaise closely with our Members to ensure that your voices are heard in the places that count, as we continue to build the infrastructure that this nation relies on now and in the future.


CCF TAS Branch