Wed 18 May 2016

CCF Joins With Property Council and Master Builders to Back Plan to Relocate Launceston UTAS Campus to Inveresk

Last Saturday, CCF jointly published the following letter of support for the plan to relocate Launceston’s UTAS campus to Inveresk:

University of Tasmania – Northern Expansion

Northern Tasmania can do better. Increased tourism and some sectoral growth have provided opportunities for the region but we are determined to improve even more.

The proposed move of the University of Tasmania Campus from Newnham to Inveresk will be a game changer and provide the impetus that the North needs. Northern Tasmanians – let’s make this opportunity a reality.

As an industry we look for sustained opportunities to provide apprenticeships, experience and growth for our people, our businesses and the region we live and invest in. We are excited to see the proposed University of Tasmania’s campus relocation project plans and even more excited at the opportunities it, and the fl ow on construction, will provide to grow jobs, the economy and our people. It would not be unreasonable to envisage a decade of construction off the back of this significant investment. A decade of apprenticeships, a decade of growth, a decade of more people making their home in Northern Tasmania.

We are just as excited about the opportunities to think differently about how we build and construct. The University of Tasmania’s campus relocation project is exciting for the potential opportunity to grow the capacity for using Tasmanian timber in construction, for thinking differently about design and research, and fi nding new and better ways to build in the future. We see great opportunities for our industry to work with the University of Tasmania to have more relevant, clever training for our managers, our designers and our innovators.

We support this project and look forward to it attracting more people to live in our Northern Cities while also providing new reasons for our young people to stay and be part of a booming Northern Tasmania.

Yours faithfully,

Brian Wightman – Executive Director, Property Council of Australia

Tanya Denison – Chief Executive Offi cer, Civil Contractors Federation

Michael Kerschbaum – Executive Director, Master Builders Tasmania

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