Fri 30 Oct 2015

Concerns About Progress on the Midland Highway

This week, the Civil Contractors Federation has shared its concern about the lack of major projects that are set to be underway on the Midland Highway by the end of 2015. With five major projects on the Highway scheduled to be released for tender this year, there are concerns that work may begin on just one before Christmas.

“We are concerned that with the usual disruption of the Christmas period, time frames for awarding contracts and therefore project commencements will slip out until February or March for some contracts. As the cold weather approaches soon after, we are concerned about the small window of time that contractors will have to undertake a significant amount of works this season”, said Tanya Denison, CEO of the Civil Contractors Federation.

It was reported on Tuesday in the Examiner that this concern is also shared by regional Mayors in the area: