Fri 25 Sep 2015

Department of State Growth Introduces Electronic Tendering for Road and Bridge Contracts

The Department of State Growth has advised CCF Tas that it is introducing the use of the Treasury website electronic tendering system for Road & Bridge (AS 2124) Request for Tender (“RFT”) documents. When possible, projects will be made available for download via the Tasmanian Government Tenders website ( subject to file size and project requirements.

This change in procedure will allow tenderers to download RFT documents from the Tenders website on the date of advertising, allowing immediate access to tender documentation.

If the total RFT documentation exceeds the allowed file size, the Contract Services Branch will disable this facility on the Tenders website and alter the tender advertisement to advise Tenderers that e-Tendering is not available, and Tenderers will need to contact the Contract Officer on the next business day to request hard copy documents.

In addition to the change above, when a RFT document is made available via e-Tendering, all addendums to the RFT (Supplementary Notices, Pre-Tender Meeting Minutes, etc.) will also be uploaded to the Tenders website. Tenderers who have registered their interest in the RFT will receive an email notification advising that an addendum has been uploaded. It will then be the Tenderers responsibility to log in and download the addendum from the Tenders website.

For the time being, tenderers will still be required to lodge their tender submission in a hard copy format.

If Tenderers require a hard copy of the RFT, these can be requested from the Contract Services Branch at on an individual basis.

For more information, please contact Tanya Denison, CEO Civil Contractors Federation on 0458005454 or email