Mon 16 Dec 2019

The importance of dialling before you dig

By Ben Howell, Dial Before You Dig VIC/TAS CEO

Ben Howell, Dial Before You Dig VIC/TAS CEO

As 2019 draws to a close, I can say it has been a very positive year for Dial Before You Dig Vic/Tas. This year we launched our new campaign – Don’t Dig Your Own Grave – and we have received encouraging feedback on our efforts to share our message of safety. The Don’t Dig Your Own Grave campaign was also selected as a finalist for the Best Campaign Not-For-Profit at the 2019 ADMA Creativity & Effectiveness Awards (AC&Es) held in Sydney in October 2019. We are proud of the nomination in such a competitive field, being one of 5 finalists in consideration for the award and we’re pleased our latest campaign has been recognised as delivering an effective message.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Dial Before You Dig Vic/Tas and over this time we have experienced significant growth across our membership base and usage of the DBYD service. In the last financial year, we experienced an increase of 18% in the number of Vic/Tas enquiries received. This a positive sign for the direction of the business and I recognise the support of our industry partners, members and the community to help protect workers, the public and vital assets.

As we approach 2020, we continue working towards our vision of zero damage, zero harm. We are grateful for continued partnerships with organisations such as the CCF who share our vision to not only use the free Dial Before You Dig service to submit an enquiry, but also ensure safe digging practises are followed in the form of the 5Ps of safe excavation – Plan, Prepare, Pothole, Protect and Proceed. The DBYD service is the essential first step to keep workers, the community and vital infrastructure safe, especially given the recent announcement of the planned acceleration of more than $173 million worth of Tasmanian infrastructure projects. We continue to encourage the Tasmanian Government to make the service a mandatory first step for anyone planning to dig underground in order to avoid the risks posed by unchecked excavation.

On behalf of the DBYD Vic/Tas team, I would like to thank the CCF for their continued support and I wish everyone an enjoyable and relaxing break over the festive season – remember to stay safe and always Dial Before You Dig!  

Ben Howell
Dial Before You Dig – VIC/TAS