Tue 21 Jun 2016

DoSG Adoption of VicRoads Specs – Information Sessions

Information sessions were held on the 16th of June in Launceston and the 17th of June in Hobart by the Department of State Growth. These were quite lengthy sessions and the process and changes were explained in some detail. The underlying message is that VicRoads Specs will be adopted by DoSG in its entirety, unless there is some aspect that cannot be replicated in Tasmania.

The new Draft Specifications can be found here

Below is some of the information that was covered in the Hobart session:

  • The first Invitations to Tender under VicRoads Specs will be advertised in August 2016
  • Traffic Management: G3 to be retained. This will be updated when AustRoads Guide to Traffic Control on Worksite is complete, expected to be later this year
  • Work Health and Safety: More detail and more prescriptive requirements, and a greater focus on subcontractor safety.
  • Environment: Green Card Environmental training required for personnel implementing the EMP or installing control measures eg silt controls (CCF will explore delivering this training). Water quality monitoring will be required.
  • Acceptance Requirements: Test rolling on embankment foundations, all layers of fill and material within 150mm of cut floor levels. Superintendent to be present for test rolling of every layer. Only Soaked Test can be used to confirm CBR compliance. Test rolls must be carried out until 3 lots pass then testing frequency can be reduced. However if the top layer fails, all layers will need to be reworked.
  • Source Rock: Only quarry products sourced from accredited quarries will be eligible for registration (this includes rock excavated on site – source rock will need to be accredited). A mix design must be registered for any crushed rock to be provided for Class 1, 2, 3 or 4. Application to register a crushed rock mix design must be submitted at least two weeks prior to use.
  • Bituminous Products: There will be a two year defect liability period. Although VicRoad Specs nominates several asphalts, only two, H and SI, will commonly be used in DoSG contracts. Where VicRoad Specs nominate C320, DoSG will continue to usually use C170, and C320 at heavy traffic intersections.
  • Safety Barriers: DoSG already aligned with RMS so changes are minimal, however some specs will not be changed to VicRoads Specs eg DoSG will stick with the current 4m rail length (VicRoads Spec is 5m).
  • Wire Rope Safety Barrier: DoSG will not change to some VicRoad Specs but will maintain current, eg verge widening and offset minimum distances will be lower than VicRoad Specs. Minimum distances will be specified by DoSG.
  • Line Marking: Contractors must be eligible for accreditation under the Painting Contractors Certification Programme (PCCP). Reflectivity requirements are higher under VicRoads Specs and frequency of testing is increased.
  • Maintenance Works: Program for whole of the works to be submitted within two weeks of award. Monthly program submitted 5 working days in advance of the following month. Next week’s program with crew locations will need to be notified weekly.

If your business has any concerns or questions about the change to VicRoads Specs, please contact Tanya Denison on (03) 6248 4697 or email tdenison@ccftas.com.au

The presentation can be found here