Wed 02 Sep 2015

Downer Announces $4m Asphalt Plant Upgrade

Today, Civil Contractors Federation – Tasmania member, Downer EDI Limited, announced a proposed $4 million redevelopment of their asphalt plant at Flagstaff Gully. Construction is planned to commence early next year, with completion expected in mid 2016.

This will replace their existing asphalt plant built in the 80’s, with technology capable of recycling asphalt and other materials such as toner cartridges, tires and paint.

The announcement was made on site today by Hon Rene Hidding MP and Sergio Cinerari, Chief Executive Officer, Downer Infrastructure Services.

“It is fantastic to see this investment in producing quality, modern products for the civil construction industry in Tasmania. Across the industry, there is confidence which is a result of the significant, consistent, but most importantly long term commitment that has been made towards investment in Tasmania’s infrastructure” said Tanya Denison, Chief Executive Officer of the Civil Contractors Federation – Tasmania.

“The Tasmanian civil contracting industry looks forward to continuing to construct the quality civil infrastructure for Tasmania’s future”.

Downer plant announcementHon Rene Hidding MP, Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure, Tanya Denison, Chief Executive Officer CCF – Tas and Sergio Cinerari, Chief Executive Officer, Downer Infrastructure Services at today’s announcement