Thu 03 Oct 2019

Some of you might have noticed outgoing CCF Members Director Adrian Granger’s wild hair and beard recently – did you know there was great cause behind both?

Adrian has been without a hair cut or shave for nearly 12 months, after committing to grow them for a year to raise funds for Dribble (prostate cancer) and Shake (Parkinson’s).

Hi All, 

Funny thing happened in the pub one day: There I was with my mate Bocca (Rod Boxall) having a few quiet beers whilst discussing the up and coming “Dribble” and “Shake” fishing competition. A few beers in and the challenge was thrown out there by Bocca for me to attempt to grow a beard, as never in my Sixty years have I grown a beard. After a few more beers the challenge was extended to also grow my hair long – challenge accepted and bet made. Further beers in and the challenge had yet again extended, this time to: grow a beard, grow your hair, with nothing to be cut for a year!! Final Challenge accepted! Money to be raised for Dribble (Prostate Cancer) and Shake (Parkinson’s).

Please see attached what Dribble and Shake is all about and why we are raising money for research projects at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, specifically around Prostrate Cancer and Parkinson’s.

“How Can I Help?” you may ask – simple: Make a donation to the account below to share the journey and support my bedazzled appearance – only 8 months and 21 days to go, but who’s counting???

Help spread the Email For Support amongst your Contacts 

Dribble and Shake

BSB: 633 000

Account: 161 968 086

Thank you for your support and please send me a return email to keep u updated on the Hair Raising ADVENTURE.

Adrian Granger

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