Tue 15 Dec 2015

Getting to Know Your Associate Members – Astrotec

Astrotec is a locally owned underground service location business offering highly skilled and trained locating professionals, able to solve all of your underground locating needs.

In todays fast paced world there are more and more services being placed underground, which in turn increases the chances of someone accidently uncovering a potentially very costly problem.

It is not uncommon for services owned by large utilities to pass through private property. It is highly recommended to undertake a Dial before You Dig search of the proposed excavation site before works commence.

The team at Astrotec can quickly locate services such as telecommunications, power, gas, stormwater, sewer and metal water pipes.

We are accredited Telstra Plant Locators and often undertake locations on behalf of Telstra. Astrotec are also members of CCFTAS (Civil Contractors Federation Tasmania) and NULCA (National Utility Locating Contractors Association) and are always up to date with the latest updates and information on industry news and developments in new technologies.

The types of industries that can benefit from Astrotec’s services include; civil contracting, excavation contractors, surveyors, drilling contractors, fencing contractors and in fact, anyone who is needing to break the surface of the ground.

We are fully insured and have all of the necessary qualifications and licenses. Our workmanship is always of the highest standard and at all times, compliant with all relevant Australian standards.

If you have any questions about any of Astrotec’s services, please do not hesitate to call Simon on 0408 479 601 or email simon@astrotec.net.au.

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