Fri 28 Oct 2016

Important Information for all Civil Contractors who do any Work Related to Residential Buildings

Tasmania’s new building laws start on the 1st of January 2017. Civil contractors will need to be prepared in particular for the new Residential Building Works Contracts and Dispute Resolution Act 2016.

Residential projects worth over $20,000 will require written contracts. This includes ANY work related to a residential building, for example:

  • landscaping or levelling
  • driveway construction or upgrades
  • vegetation clearing or fire breaks
  • installing facilities such as installing swimming pools, hard stands, sports or equestrian facilities
  • demolition work

Commercial, industrial or public buildings are not covered by this Act.

The contract must be signed and dated by both parties, and must include:

  • the names of the owner and the contractor
  • the contractor’s licence details (licence number) if applicable
  • all terms that are agreed between the owner and the contractor
  • a clear description of the work to be done, including plans, drawings and specifications
  • the contract price or an estimate and the method of calculating the price, including prime cost items and provisional sums allowances
  • the practical completion date or the method for estimating the practical completion date
  • a list of all applicable statutory warranties

Before signing the contract, you must provide the customer with the building consumer guide, and keep a copy of the signed acknowledgement page. The draft guide can be found here

CCF Tasmania now has convenient Contract Books available, which are compliant with the new Act’s requirements. The Books include 25 Contracts in duplicate to record works agreements for simple contracts.

The Books are $43 for members or $55 for non-members, including GST.

Pre-order your Contract Books now by emailing Ellie on or phone our office on (03) 6248 4697

Information about training sessions can be found here

Information about the changes to the building legislation can be found here