Sun 06 Sep 2015

Incolink Contributes Positive Economic Benefit

Incolink is a trustee company that manages and administers members redundancy payments and provides members with insurance, training, counselling and other member services.

Incolink recently engaged the Nous Group to conduct an independent assessment of the contribution Incolink makes to the economy.

Nous Group was asked to assess the value of redundancy and insurance contributions administered by Incolink, as well as the additional services offered to members of the fund.

The monetised net benefit is estimated at almost $100 million per year. This arises from the administration of member’s redundancy payments, and the provision of insurance, training, counseling and other member services. In addition, Incolink provides numerous non‑monetised benefits, including improved quality of life for workers who are made redundant; reduced burden on government services; and added value to social, health and financial service systems.

Incolink CEO Dan O’Brien said the Nous analysis was a welcome validation of the fund’s contribution to society. “We are delighted with the results of this independent analysis, which confirms the benefits of providing income security and wellbeing support to thousands of construction workers and their families,” he said.

For more information or for a copy of the report, please call Incolink’s Hobart office on (03) 6231 7000