Thu 03 Oct 2019

Civil Contractors Federation Tasmania and Master Builders Tasmania, on behalf of our combined membership of more than 700 building and construction businesses, have urged all Members of Parliament to support the Public Works Committee Amendments Bill 2019 in its current form.

In joint statement from CCF Tasmanian Executive Officer Rachel Matheson and Master Builders Tasmania Executive Director Matthew Pollock, it was put to Parliament that supporting the Bill in its current form will reduce red-tape and help to ensure industry can deliver the unprecented pipeline of construction work ahead of us.

CCF Tasmania and MBT support a two-tiered threshold, with the threshold for public works increased to $8 million for all building works and the threshold for roads and bridges to sit at $20 million.

Both major parties support the increase in public works threshold to $8 million, however it is understood the Labor Party are to introduce an amendedment to bring the proposed new threshold for roads and bridges works down to $8 million in line with other building workds thresholds as proposed in the Bill Amendments.

Based on the infrastructure pipeline, the Bill as it stands would reduce the number of projects that must seek Committee approval, from about 73 projects over the next three years, to about 50. This will reduce unnecessary red-tape, help to ensure project timelines are met and ensure that oversight is retained for higher value higher complexity projects.

View the full statement below: