Tue 27 Sep 2016

Making Road Works Sites Safer for Workers – Stornoway Trials Temporary “Rumble Strips”

Driver inattention or failure to comply with posted speed limits can make working on a road under live traffic a dangerous situation for civil construction workers.

CCF Member Stornoway has been working with the Department of State Growth in Tasmania to trial temporary ‘rumble strips’ to help improve worker safety at selected road maintenance sites.

While removable rumble strips have been used effectively at roadworks sites in NSW, Queensland and WA, this trial is the first time the device has been used for this purpose in Tasmania.

The intention is that the vibration and sound when driving over the rumble strips will serve as an extra reminder to motorists to slow down and be alert that road workers are nearby.

The rumble strips are removed when workers leave the site at the end of each day. The strips have no impact on the vehicle and will not cause any damage to tyres or vehicles.

Read more about Stornoway’s trial here