Tue 03 Jun 2014

The Civil Contractors Federation (TAS) welcomes the liberal Government’s support to provide improvement to opportunities in traffic management, that will include the education of travelling motorists

Mr. Cook said, “Improvements in the provision of training requirements and providing clearer direction to civil contractors will vastly improve the safety of all road workers and all other traffic that pass through their worksites.

Speeding motorists or those that take no notice, are a civil contractor’s worst nightmare, even more so when they are performing a myriad of different tasks, from major pavement reconstruction to minor routine works, he said.

Mr. Cook said, “the advance, instruction and guidance signage that is applied throughout the worksites, must be followed by motorists. This is for their safety as well as workers on site.

We want our members and all other workers that perform important tasks within the road reservation, to go home in the same condition they turned up in”