Thu 01 Oct 2015

New Onsite Books for Civil Contractors

CCF has just added another onsite docket book to assist civil contractors on the job.

The Dayworks/ Site Instruction/ Variation Book is a pad of 50 forms in triplicate to provide a formal record of onsite instructions and works. These easy to use forms are designed to create a paper trail to avoid client/ contractor disputes. The price is $30 for CCF members and $49 for non-members incl. GST.

We also have the following books available:

• Pre-Start Checklist Book – A daily check sheet for your items of plant. Containing 30 forms in triplicate ($19M/ $29 NM)

• Construction Daily Diary – A pad of 50 forms in triplicate to record employee labour hours, job costs, and room for reporting on projects ($30 M/ $49 NM)

• Plant Hire Docket Book – A book of 50 forms in duplicate for those companies hiring plant ($19 M/ $29 NM)

• Calculation Graph Paper Book – A book of 50 forms of A4 size 5mm graph paper ($15 M/ $25 NM)

  • Minor Contract Forms – A pad of 25 forms in duplicate to record works agreements for simple contracts

You can pick up from our office at 1/5 Runway Pl Cambridge, or we can send them to you.

For any inquiries, please contact Ellie on (03) 6248 4697

To place an order, email the following form to

Publication Ordering Form

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Equipment pre-start
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