Mon 14 Sep 2020

Earlier this year, TaIrrigation circulated a briefing note regarding their approach to the design and construction of new irrigation schemes that are planned within the next five years.  As outlined in the information, their current thinking is to bring the design component forward in the process to allow TI increased input and influence over design outcomes, while reducing the design management requirement for the principal construction contractor.   TasIrrigation are also seeking to balance the approach and retain contractor innovation inputs where possible and are developing a design partnering approach to achieve this.


TasIrrigation  would like to thank Members for the constructive and valuable feedback provided in response to the Design Partnering Industry Briefing document.  Following this feedback, they have amended their approach in response to a number of consistent themes in the feedback received.  Their latest update (click here to view) provides a summary of these amendments.


TasIrrigation is now beginning the engagement of a design partner. In the first stage of this engagement process beginning the week 14th September, they will circulate a pre-qualification request for design partnering services.  This will outline the process of irrigation scheme design development, review and approval that they wish to follow, with further detail on the design activities that are required for asset types that comprise their schemes. The intent is to establish potential design partners ahead of issuing tender information.

For any further information, please contact Paul Davis at Tas Irrigation.

T: 03 6398 8433
M: 0429 044 526