Wed 16 Dec 2015

Tasmanian Jobs and Investment Fund offers Big Opportunities for Civil Contractors

Do you have any plans for expansion? A bigger premises, adding to or upgrading your machinery? Thinking about expanding your business into new areas? Opening another office?

Information sessions have been held around the state about the grants fund which is now open.

The minimum grant amount is $50,000 and grants are for a maximum of $1 for every $2 you provide. Eligible projects must generate new sustainable business growth and job creation. Your matched spending must be actual spending, not “in-kind”, but it can be funded any way in any way.

Some key points include:

This morning I attended an information session for the Tasmanian Jobs and Investment Fund. Some key points to note:

  1. The money may all be spent in Round 1 closing on the 12th Feb 2016, so don’t wait for Round 2
  2. The spending is over 3 years so you don’t have to start the project immediately – as long as the spending is complete within 3 three years
  3. If you have already started the project, spending from the date you lodged your application will be eligible to be included in the “matched spending”.
  4. If is a greenfield site you don’t have to have the DA already – you will need an indication from Council that it is supported (call the numbers below for more information)

Staff from AusIndustry and Department of State Growth are available to help you with your application.

Please call:       Hobart – 6230 9900

Launceston – 6700 5883

Jobs fund fact sheet

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