Tue 02 Feb 2016

Tasmania’s Summer of Fire and Flood – would you know what to do?

Tasmania’s summer is far from over. With dozens of fires still burning, and flood clean up still underway, would you know what to do if a disaster hit your business?

Arthur J. Gallagher offers this advice for their clients for property claims:

  1. Where possible make sure the site, property and area are safe, secure and all reasonable steps are taken to minimise the extent of loss
  2. Retain any receipts for costs incurred to be considered as part of any potential claim
  3. Other than securing and making safe, do not undertake any repair or replacement until advised by AJG Insurance Brokers, the insurer or their representative
  4. For glass only claims contact Express Glass on 1300 666 234 or a local glazier if available
  5. Do not dispose of any damaged items or parts unless directed to do so by an appropriate authority – if you do need to dispose of property, keep an inventory and if possible and safe to do so, photographs prior to disposal
  6. Provide us with contact details of the person or persons who are best to manage your claim
  7. Follow further instructions from AJG, your insurer or their representative

Do you know what you are covered for? How much has your business changed since you last reviewed your insurance? Is it time to sit down with an insurance broker and review your business’ needs?

Arthur J. Gallagher sponsors CCF Tasmania, specialise in construction insurance, and have offices in Launceston and Hobart.