Thu 30 Jun 2016

Updated Information Regarding State Roads Tender Advertising and Submissions

Tender Advertising

Following a review by Treasury late last year, State Roads is no longer required to advertise all RFTs in print media. Print media advertising for each Tender is now considered on a case by case basis.

However, it remains the case that all major works Tenders are advertised on their Tenders Website on Saturdays

To ensure your business receives email notifications of all relevant Tenders, check that you are registered with and have indicated the relevant categories for your business.

Issuing Tender Documents

When possible, Tender documents for road and bridge projects will be available to download from the Tender Website. However when, for example, there are a significant number of drawings or the document file is large or complex, the Department will make available CDs or hard copies as appropriate. If electronic download is available for a Tender, the Department would prefer the documents are downloaded and submitted to the website the same way, as this assists with streamlining their communication with those who have accessed the documents.

Lodgement of Tender Documents

State Roads have confirmed that lodgement of tenders in hard copy will continue to be an option for road and bridge projects. Whether electronic lodgement is an option for a particular Tender will be determined on a case by case basis, having regard to the expected size of tender documents and the limitation of the website.

For each Tender Notice, the method(s) available for lodgement will be clearly stated on the Tender Website.

If you require any further information, please contact Tanya Denison on or (03) 6248 4697