Thu 19 Dec 2019

William Adams thanks members of the CCF for their support in 2019. 

They’ve had a had a big year with changes to their sales team line up as four of their long- term astute sales team members have retired.  William Adams and the industry will certainly miss Stuart Macdonald, John Moelder, Bill Vagg and Neil Chenhall.  Their contribution to the industry and, in particular, their service to our membership organisation has been much appreciated over the years.  

CCF looks forward to working with Darryl Blake,  Jamie Palmer, Brent Gillard and Angela Burke and look forward to their continued support of the CCF and seeing them at our events in 2020.

William Adams wish all their customers a wonderful holiday season.

Tim Freestone and the team at Komastu thank the CCF members for their patronage throughout 2019 and they look forward to working with the membership again in 2020.   The team wish everyone a safe Christmas Season.