Women in Civil

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Civil Construction provides fantastic career opportunities for women. There are a wide variety of roles that are available within the industry. Women are currently under-represented but CCF Tasmania is working to change this. Come and join us and you’ll reap the benefits and rewards

Making Changes

Unfortunately less than 10% of employees working in the Civil Industry are women. This is something that the CCF would like to see change as we make our workplaces more diverse and generate the benefits that come with diversity in the workplace.

Celebrate our Achievements

The CCF celebrates Women in Civil each year during the week of International Women’s Day.  We want to celebrate the wonderful women in our Industry – from those working in the field to those in administration, leadership and management.

The CCF also sees this as an opportunity to showcase the Civil Industry to women and celebrate the achievements of our talent.

Pre-employment Programs

We are looking to increase diversity in our industry. Watch this space for pre-employment programs designed to attract women and others who are under-represented in our industry to join the sector and build Tasmania.

Information Sessions are being held on 8 March 2022 at Sorell for our first Women in Civil Pre-Employment program. Find details in the CCF Events page

Women in Civil News

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Why work in Civil Construction.

Outdoor Office

Work in the fresh air.

Variety of Work

Huge range of roles to work in.

Good Wages

Above average pay and conditions.

Job Opportunities

Massive pipeline of work into the future.

Creating Options

The CCF will be working in schools to ensure that all Tasmanian children understand the fantastic career options open to everyone in our industry. We will work tirelessly to ensure that we employ a rich and diverse workforce to meet Tasmania’s growing infrastructure needs and projects.